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Design Services
Beginning the process Print
beginning the processThe design process begins with a meeting in the future garden and a checklist of priorities:
  • shaded living spaces
  • views preserved or created
  • wind protection
  • water-harvesting
  • patios
  • grill or more elaborate outdoor kitchen
  • firepit/fireplace
  • hot tub
  • outdoor shower
  • a small fountain or seep pond for birds and dragonflies
  • lawn or pervious paving as play or party space
  • easy transitions through the garden
  • children's space for play and exploration
  • pet space
  • storage or other utility space
jujube fruit

Then there are more questions:
  • How densely planted do you want the garden to be?
  • Do you like plants spilling over the edges of paths and walls?
  • Do you prefer more open spacing and distinct plant groupings?
  • What colors of flowers and foliage do you prefer?
  • Fragrances?
  • Any allergens to avoid?
  • Do you want a kitchen garden?
  • Culinary herbs?
  • Do you have favorite plants you'd like included?
  • Do you want to attract birds and butterflies to your garden?
  • How much time do you want to spend tending the garden and what kind of chores do you prefer?

What’s in a plan? Print

what's in a plan top
A landscape plan drawn to scale is your roadmap to the garden you desire.

Design consultations completed on site are plans drawn to scale with all features labeled;

  • plants specified by name, quantity and best transplant size
  • number of drip emitters/specified flow rate or other appropriate method of watering
  • amount of compost to be tilled into the soil prior to planting if needed
  • square footage of paving
  • quantities of mulches

More elaborate and detailed designs completed off site may have an attached list of materials and specifications broken out by area, so that plans may be implemented in stages and cost estimates can be prepared for the project as a whole or per stage.

If you can provide a site survey at an unaltered scale showing the footprint of the house on the lot and/or a building plan showing doors and windows it speeds up the plotting. Otherwise I will measure and create the site map noting existing features that will be integrated into the new garden.

what's in a plan bottom
If you are interested in working on the design, we can sit down together and begin to narrow the field of possibilities and place features.

A front or small backyard or courtyard with a relatively simple program may be plotted and designed in a morning or afternoon on site.

For more complex projects, I will gather the information needed in an hour or two, develop the design in my studio and send the completed plans to you for comment and revision if needed.

Building your garden Print
  • Do all or most of the work yourself
  • Do the part of the work you enjoy or have the skill set to do and bid out the rest
  • Contract out the entire project

However you proceed from garden on paper to garden you can live in, I provide a list of materials' suppliers, landscape contractors and other resources to help you get started.

little bluestem in light mucho mirabilis copy

Caring for an eco-garden Print
ca sisterAll gardens require care, but I design gardens to be easily managed, interesting to tend and consistent with what your time and talent allow.

Occasional cleanups can scratch the gardening itch without the monotony of a weekly appointment with a lawn mower.

If you can commit to a few hours each month spent purposefully observing your garden, pausing to remove spent blossoms or to root out a weed here and there, you can have a beautiful garden.

If you have an artist's soul, sculptural pruning is a more sophisticated way to play in your garden, using your pruning shears to edit out the extraneous growth and amplify the form of key plants.

Management plan Print
narrow leaf penstamon and gro-lac sumacIf you are new to gardening in the high desert, or just a bit unsure about maintenance of native and xeric plants, I can provide:
  • general recommendations for managing the irrigation from planting until the plants are well-established
  • create a maintenance schedule including cleanup and pruning for the specific plants in your garden.

This follow up can take the form of a written document or an hour or two of on site consulting as the need arises. A written management outline may also serve as a guide for people you hire to do some or all of the maintenance.


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